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Data Privacy Policy – July 2018

This privacy notice describes how The JVenn Foundation treats the personal and other information provided to us during the bursary application process and during the time we pay bursaries.

About The JVenn Foundation

The JVenn Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO - charity number 1160632). The objects of the Foundation are to advance the education of students living or studying in Hull in such ways as the trustees think fit, including by awarding to such persons who are disadvantaged by reason of financial hardship, disability or social circumstances, scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants tenable at any university, college or institution of higher or further education.

The Foundation can be contacted at

The data we receive and how long we retain that information

From students applying for a bursary

Name, date of birth, address, post-code, email and telephone.

Current or most recent educational establishment, list of courses studied or being studied relevant to applications to universities or colleges.

Name and email address of sponsor who has agreed to provide a reference (sponsor statement).

Details of courses applied for and conditions to be met for acceptance at the university or college.

The category or categories of eligibility under which the student is applying and a statement of how they meet the eligibility criteria.

A free form statement by the student to support their application which can include information about their past, their current life and their aspirations.

JVenn and organisations who support our operations destroy all the above information by 31st August of the year the applications are received except that, for students who are awarded a bursary, JVenn retains contact details (name, email and phone number) for three years after bursary payments have ceased and longer if they tell us they wish to continue in communication with us.

From the sponsors of students applying for a bursary

The sponsors of students who are short-listed for a bursary provide a reference relating to their recent educational performance.

This information is destroyed by JVenn and organisations who support our operations 31st August of the year the applications are received.

From the family of students applying for a bursary under the financial criterion

Students who are short-listed for a bursary solely under the financial criterion are required to supply evidence of their family’s income.

This information is not retained.

From students in receipt of a bursary

Students in receipt of a bursary supply us with their banking details so that we can pay their bursary.

From time to time, JVenn requires evidence that the student is still attending university or college. This is usually in the form of an email from a lecturer nominated by the student.

This information is destroyed within six months of the bursary payments ceasing.

Why we need the information we receive

JVenn requires the information submitted on bursary application forms and sponsor statements to select the students to whom we will pay bursaries. Other information is needed to ensure students remain eligible for their bursary (by continuing in education), to pay the bursaries and otherwise remain in contact with the students.

How JVenn stores information

Information is stored on the each of the trustee’s own personal computers. Trustees also hold paper copies of applications and their own notes made during the selection process.

Emails including any attachments are held by Google’s Gmail system.

Information on applications submitted through the website are held on Umber Creative’s systems.

Who has access to the information we hold

Umber Creative who manage our website hold data submitted through the website. They also have access to any emails JVenn retains.

HEY Smile Foundation scan any applications that are submitted by post before emailing them to us.

Trustees: The current trustees – Kirstine Brantuo, Jay Trivedy and John Cliff – have access to all the retained JVenn information.

What are your rights?

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you. You will need to make a formal request called a ‘subject access request’. To make a subject access request you must:

If any of the information we hold is inaccurate or out of date, you have the right to have it corrected, updated or deleted by contacting our Data Protection Officer.

Questions and complaints

If you have any questions about the personal data we hold about you or how we use it you can contact us by email at:

If you are not satisfied with our response or believe we are not complying with the law when using your personal data, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office through