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JVenn Bursaries

The eligibility criteria for the bursaries are set out on the application form. Essentially the categories relate to financial disadvantage, disability, students in care, carers, mothers, refugees and minorities.

Evidence of eligibility will be sought prior to interviewing the short-list.

Each applicant is required to have a sponsor who will complete the second part of the form and submit it separately from the applicant.

JVenn will ask its beneficiaries to act as advocates for the Foundation through, for example, blogs and speaking to small groups of sixth-formers at their previous school or college.

JVenn Foundation

The JVenn Foundation was formed in 2015 to provide bursaries to students resident in Hull who are going on to study for a degree or other tertiary qualification in the UK. It also funds literacy and other extra-curricular activities in Hull schools.


Up to four bursaries, each paying £5,000 each year, will be provided whilst the students are studying for a first degree at a British university. Applicants who will study for other tertiary educational qualifications are also eligible. The online application form can be accessed by pressing the button to the right. A Word version of the form can also be downloaded here. Alternatively you can request an application form by emailing


Applicants must be currently resident in the City of Hull or have a Hull postal code address and fall into one or more of the following categories:

Applicants must begin studying for a first degree at a British University or studying for an alternative tertiary qualification in 2019 and be born after 31st August 1996.

JVenn will require its beneficiaries to act as advocates for the Foundation through, for example, blogs and speaking to small groups of students at their previous school or college.

Application Process

Applicants may submit their application forms in any one of three ways:

Applications must be submitted by Friday, 7th June 2019

Application forms are available from or by downloading from our website.

Each Applicant must provide the name, email address and position of a Sponsor who can provide a statement in support of their application. Applicants must obtain their sponsor’s agreement to provide this information. Sponsors should be a lecturer or teacher who is familiar with their circumstances and educational record. A statement from the nominated sponsor will only be requested for applicants who are selected for the short-list which will be announced in early June.

Applicants need only supply evidence of their eligibility for a bursary when selected for the short-list when they will have to supply full evidence of their eligibility before their application can be considered further.

All information supplied to the Foundation will treated as strictly confidential.

The Trustees will arrange interviews with Applicants on the short-list after the students have sat their A-levels and received both their evidence of eligibility and their Sponsor’s statement.

Successful recipients of bursaries will be required to submit ongoing evidence of attendance at their university or college.

Applicants should give as much detail as possible in support of their application. The information might cover the applicant’s work or volunteering experience, interests and sporting activities, their achievements, the challenges they have faced in their lives and their aspirations or hopes for the future. Applicants who have not completed the Additional Information requested on page 4 of the Application Form are unlikely to be considered.

Applicants are free to append additional pages with information which they will help their application.

To give themselves their best chance of success, applicants should ensure their applications are reviewed by their tutor before submitting them.

Applicants who are short-listed for a bursary will be invited to an informal interview on the 20th June at an office by Queens Gardens.

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