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Meg's "whirlwind of new experiences"

Posted 26th November 2018
by Meg

Prior to moving to Lincoln to study Bioveterinary science at the University of Lincoln, I was very apprehensive. I was nervous about moving somewhere new, making new friends, starting a challenging course and most importantly living independently. After moving to university I can confirm that within the first week all of these worries had gone! Everyone is so welcoming and it is easy to make friends with both flatmates and course mates. My accommodation is comfortable and modern and I have been blessed with a view overlooking Lincoln Cathedral.

I am very pleased with the course I chose, although it is challenging I am thoroughly enjoying learning about something I am passionate about and haven't studied during my A Levels. The coursework is particularly enjoyable due to the titles being flexible allowing you to choose what you research and study. Within the first few weeks of attending lectures, I realised I needed a more efficient way to take notes during lectures than just paper so I decided to purchase a MacBook to write up all my notes so that they are all stored in one place. This would not have been possible without the funding from JVenn and I am entirely grateful as it has made my learning much more efficient.

Since moving to university I decided to take up Lacrosse, (a sport which I have never done before), in order to get the most out of my University experience. I train with the team every Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning and this has been an excellent way to meet new friends and to socialise alongside studying. Our 'Freshers' team participated in a 'Freshers' tournament early in November down at Hertfordshire University and this has been one of my highlights of university so far. As well as this I have joined the Bioveterinary society which is an academic society that you pay to join and other Biovet students organise relevant activities such as a dog first aid course and provide support with studies when required. I already feel like both of these extracurricular activities are making integrating and adapting to university life so much easier!

So far my time at university has been filled with a whirlwind of new experiences, one of which includes me and my current housemates looking at houses for our second year at university. My flatmates and I have recently signed a contract for a house that we will live in next year which is something I am looking forward to very much! In reflection, so much has changed since I made the first step moving to University back in September- i am now much more independent and have the opportunity to study something that I am truly interested in. Without the help of the JVenn foundation, this wouldn't have been possible. I fear I wouldn't have made as many friends as I now have due to the fact I wouldn't have had the money to throw myself into societies/teams like I have done and my studying would not have been as effective without my new MacBook. I am so grateful for the support system JVenn has provided me with-I feel fortunate to be enjoying every day of my university experience which is something I may not have been doing without the help from JVenn. I look forward to finishing my first term here at the University of Lincoln and continuing this once in a lifetime experience.

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